Thursday, 20 January 2011

We Can See You!!!

Thank you to our big Jovonna & Jovonnista fans Lou Murray from Manchester, an inspiring fashion designer, and Fine Spanish Export Fashion Communicator María de León Castillejo sent us those lovely pictures !

Lou is in our AW09 Jovonna Denisa Dress. This season Jovona reworked the shape and created the Bruna Dress - the new version is a wrap-up style with a V neck, with a more summery feel!

Lou is also in AW10 Jovonnista Julitta dress in Floral, an vintage inspired print with modern cutting which uses the hot trend of the coming season - draping. Love her wall paper : )

Maria is in our AW10 Jovonnista Vicky Cape coat in Pink, a true classic which keeps you warm and stylish. Love the way Maria styled hers in a matching scarf and hippy boots!

Lou and Maria will both get a lovely dress from Jovonna team!!!

credit:  Lou Murray; Maria 

Remember to keep sending in your pics to to win prizes!

Monday, 17 January 2011

“It Cape” Of The Season

The famous Jovonnista cape is on this month’s Cosmopolitan again! 

The Black And White Of It

Spring seems to be in the horizon, well, it’s hard to believe when it’s this cold. But it’s coming!
Instead of wearing the st Tropez outfit to make yourself feel like it may come sooner, why not adopt an simple neutral tone outfit to get yourself out of the darker mood of winter. Everyone needs a change!
This Spring Jovonnista bring the Chic London Girl outfits back to town!